Math from the Mitten is a mathematics tutoring service, located in Kalamazoo, Michigan, for Kindergarten through college age students including homeschoolers. Additionally, Math Coaching for parents is offered. Connie Doorlag, founder of Math from the Mitten, has been a certified mathematics and English teacher in Michigan since 1981.


Connie’s educational training in both secondary and elementary mathematics education has provided her with a very broad base of knowledge from which to teach. Having taught Connie Round Photomathematics in all grades – Kindergarten through college – in public, private, and home school situations has given her a diversity of experience that has resulted in a unique perspective of students’ prior experience and future studies. She has had many experiences working with students of all ages including those who have struggled with mathematics and those who have excelled at it. Additionally, she directed two mathematics professional development projects for 4th – 12th grade teachers through Western Michigan University’s Mathematics Department. Her experience working with the grant projects allowed her to gain insight into student misconceptions and how to address them – an important aspect of working with students who have not been successful in their previous mathematics experiences.


  • BS Secondary Education (7th – 12th) with math, English majors
  • MS Teaching of Elementary Mathematics, K-5th
  • 24 years of teaching experience including 19 years teaching mathematics for pre-service elementary and middle school teachers at Kalamazoo Valley Community College
  • Four years directing mathematics professional development projects for 4th – 12th grade teachers at Western Michigan University
  • 15 years of experience teaching homeschool


Connie uses a learner centered, guided discovery teaching approach with the tutor facilitating student learning. Her goals for tutoring include:

  • Increasing students’ confidence in their own ability
  • Empowering students to enjoy math
  • Utilizing various methods to accommodate learning styles
  • Encouraging students to express individuality in how they learn math and articulate their knowledge