Do you want to help your children with their math, but you don’t understand it yourself? Has the way math is taught changed enough since you went to school, that you’re not sure how to help your students anymore? Do you desire to finally overcome your own math anxiety? I can help you conquer your fears and learn how to teach your children!

Math Coaching for Parents is mathematics professional development for parents – teaching the teachers. I have over twenty years of experience teaching the content and methods of elementary and middle school math education to both pre-service and in-service teachers. I would love to share what I know about the math and teaching skills of these grades to help you better teach it to your children.

You may only need short term support – one or two sessions to refresh or review a particular difficult mathematics topic. Or, perhaps you need more long term support – meeting every week for a month, several months or the entire school year. It is even possible to arrange group sessions – up to 4 parents learning the material together and having four times the fun!

If you are interested in being coached to better teach elementary or middle school mathematics to your children, let’s talk! You can contact me at 269-345-2416 or