Is your child, in Kindergarten through 5th grade, struggling with mathematics? Or, is your child losing interest in mathematics? I can help!

  • Masters degree in Teaching Elementary Mathematics, Grades K – 5
  • 13 years of experience teaching/tutoring in Grades K – 5
  • 19 years of experience teaching elementary mathematics to pre-service elementary teachers
  • Researched common mathematical misconceptions and how best to remediate them
  • Created many mathematics activities for elementary grades while directing a mathematics professional development project for in-service elementary teachers

Being quite familiar with the Common Core State Standards, I can help you and your child successfully maneuver through them by using one or all of the following techniques:

  • Investigate, remediate, and reinforce your child’s conceptual understanding of his/her difficult topics of whole numbers, fractions, decimals, measurement, geometry, proportion, or percent using manipulatives, pictures, and stories
  • Work on fluency (being able to recall facts in a reasonable amount of time) of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts by practicing using:
    • Games
    • Activities
    • Flashcards – online and hands-on
  • Improve skill development of operations using a variety of algorithms (set procedures followed to perform a calculation)
  • Explore mathematics using problem solving, logical reasoning, modeling, and appropriate tools

Want to talk? Ready to get started? Contact Connie at 269-345-2416 or